Count on B1 Systems to provide support and managed service whenever and wherever you need. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want remote or on-site support. Choose from response times starting at 10 minutes and from support hours ranging from 8x5 to 24x7. Your support and managed service contract will be tailored to your specific needs and grants you flexible access to our pool of more than 140 certified Linux and Open Source specialists.

We proactively inform our support customers about emerging issues, as far as they are affected.

If even one of the following criteria applies, a B1 Systems support & managed service contract is the perfect solution for you:

  • specific requirements regarding system availability and/or individuality
  • expert level Linux/Open Source know-how needed
  • budget for just one position, but different skill requirements
  • close contact with distributors such as Red Hat or SUSE
  • support for community software/distribution needed
  • training/support for administrators
  • substitution in case of absence, e.g. employee illness
  • handling of peak loads

Deutsche Telekom AG operates an OpenStack-based production platform for external customers of the cloud applications of the Business Marketplace.

B1 Systems provided support during the conception and implementation phase and provided supplementary training to the Telekom staff.

Even after the go-live, Telekom relies on B1 to provide first-class support in the event of emerging issues.

enercity is a Stadtwerke Hannover brand operating a Virtual System Cluster based on Debian, KVM & Pacemaker.

B1 Systems supported the enercity team during the planning and implementation phase and provided in-depth training to the enercity IT staff tasked with the cluster's administration.

enercity opted for B1 Systems support in order to obtain first-class help in case of questions or problems.

The Schwäbische Tagblatt in Tübingen operates several virtual system clusters based on SLES, XEN and Pacemaker. These clusters were implemented by B1 Systems and the administrators were provided detailed training.

Since the clusters are critical systems necessary for the daily newspaper production, the Schwäbische Tagblatt opted for B1 Systems as their reliable support partner.

ASV (Amtliche Schulverwaltung - Official School Administration) is an administration program prescribed by the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs as mandatory for all schools in Bavaria. It supports educational institutions in their administrative tasks, regardless of school type or platform. ASV can be used to record and manage school data, student and teacher data, and performance data. In this way, school operations can be planned or data can be retrieved for school report preparation.

B1 Systems is responsible for operating the ASV instance for the city of Regensburg and is a competent support partner in case of questions or emerging problems.

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