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Initially developed by Rackspace and NASA in 2010, OpenStack has quickly evolved into a free software solution for "Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)" environments (also known as Private Cloud or Cloud Computing), that is actively being developed by more than 200 companies.

OpenStack itself currently consists of five components. Further components are being worked on and they will soon become part of the upcoming OpenStack relaese, "Folsom".

OpenStack Identity Service (Keystone)

Keystone takes care of managing customers, users and roles and provides an index of services available in an OpenStack environment, thus providing a central entry point to the OpenStack environment.

OpenStack Image Service (Glance)

In order to provide unified access to templates and virtual system snapshots, these get registered centrally at the Image Service. Using one central registration service makes it possible to use various storage backends in the background.

OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)

Swift provides a highly available and distributed object storage for placing templates or snapshots of virtual systems. Swift can also be used as a storage location for pictures, videos and documents independent of other OpenStack components.

OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)

The dashboard provides the core web interface to OpenStack. Future releases will see an extensive functions stack of all OpenStack components included into Dashboard.

OpenStack Compute (Nova)

The Compute component manages virtual systems on a virtual machine monitor (VMM) such as Xen or KVM, thus being the key component of any IaaS environment.

B1 Systems has been deeply involved with OpenStack from very early on, being an active member of the community around OpenStack as well as founder of the first German user group. Apart from providing developing packages and latest stable release packages (Essex) for SLES11 SP2 and openSUSE 12.1 at openSUSE's Open Build Service, B1 Systems offers an in-depth technical whitepaper on OpenStack which can be found on this page.

Sharing their extensive knowledge (on the subject of OpenStack) by means of articles in professional journals or technical documents has always been a top priority with B1 Systems.


B1 Systems is listed as ISV (Independent Software Vendor) at SUSE and provides OpenStack software packages for SLES11 SP2. We offer technical support for these packages on any required level as well as tailor-made support contracts (anything between 10x5 and 24x7 ...). Send your request for information to openstack_AT_b1-systems_DOT_de.

Software packages

The latest packages for OpenStack are available on request via openstack_AT_b1-systems_DOT_de. Besides that, we provide development packages of the latest stable release (Essex) for openSUSE 12.1 as well as SLES11 SP2 at openSUSES's Open Build Service. Send a request to openstack_AT_b1-systems_DOT_de if, you require further information on how to use OpenStack on SLES11 SP2 or if you need enterprise support.

You need further information on OpenStack in general? Are you looking for enterprise support of OpenStack on SLES11 SP2? You need consulting for design, setup or maintenance of a tailor-made OpenStack environment or the integration into an existing one? Or are you rather looking for OpenStack-themed trainings to educate your management and architects on the matter? Just contact us at openstack_AT_b1-systems_DOT_de.

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