B1Training / SUSE Cloud

IaaS based on OpenStack



In this training you'll learn how to build up and run an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment with SUSE Cloud 2.0. The main focus hereby is on installation and configuration of needed components. This knowledge will be acquired by close-to-production use cases.

As this course is a very practical one, the number of possible attendants is restricted to ten persons.

Prior knowledge required

Attendants have basic knowledge on Linux system administration and virtualisation.


2,5 days

Training contents

  • Introduction of cloud concepts
  • Overview SUSE Cloud 2.0
    • Crowbar Admin node
    • Controller node
    • Storage nodes
    • Compute nodes
    • Network structure
  • Installation SUSE Cloud 2.0
    • Crowbar Admin node
      • SMT
      • Crowbar and Chef
      • Customising node configuration
    • Deployment of components
  • Administration
    • Dashboard
    • Cloud guest images and instances
    • Rights management
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
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