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Mattias Giese
Mattias Giese is working as a Linux consultant and trainer at B1 Systems. If he isn't involved in systems management and automation projects where he works with a plethora of different tools that he glues together to create efficient workflows, he likes to mess around with chic mechanical keyboards and adjust the configuration of his tools in order to achieve zen laziness.

Create virtual machines with a grain of salt

Salt [1] is not only useful for configuration management or infrastructure automation in general but also a flexible platform to build your own specialized solutions on top. This blog post shows how easy it is to leverage Salt from within your own Python code and how it helped us to simplify and enhance a complex deployment process based on Xen-Hypervisors [5] and virtual machines.

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From Docker to podman: On the why and how

When Docker was released it felt like a revelation to developers and admins. For the first time a user space utility combined some old but very nifty kernel features in an easy-to-use package. But after some time, weaknesses of the Docker architecture were observed and alternatives to it emerged. In this article, we take a quick look at one of these alternatives and showcase its use with a popular internal use case at B1 Systems.

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